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The present research proposes schema congruity as a theoretical basis for examining the effectiveness and consequences of product anthropomorphism. Results of two studies suggest that the ability of consumers to anthropomorphize a product and their consequent evaluation of that product depend on the extent to which that product is endowed with(More)
Strontium concentration and isotopic data for subsurface flowing groundwaters of the Ganges-Brahmaputra (G-B) delta in the Bengal Basin demonstrate that this is a potentially significant source of strontium to the oceans, equal in magnitude to the dissolved strontium concentration carried to the oceans by the G-B river waters. The strontium concentrations(More)
Why are there national differences in the propensity to bribe? To investigate this question, we conducted a correlational study with cross-national data and a laboratory experiment. We found a significant effect of the degree of collectivism versus individualism present in a national culture on the propensity to offer bribes to international business(More)
IEEE 802.11s mesh networks are extending the reach and speed of wireless networks, especially in the realm of public safety. For many applications (e.g. situational awareness and emulation of push-to-talk radio) multicast is an important network service. In the future, we expect to see even more multicast traffic in mesh networks, as more bandwidth(More)
People are often reluctant to comply with social causes because doing so may involve personal sacrifices of time, money, and effort for benefits that are shared by other members of society. In an effort to increase compliance, government agencies and public institutions sometimes employ financial tools to promote social causes. However, employing financial(More)
A structure is evaluated, after an earthquake, to find out whether it is usable or requires repair and retrofitting. The natural time period, damping, and mode shape are the primary dynamic characteristics of any structure that is related to seismic forces during an earthquake event. Periodic monitoring using vibration measurements is one of the most(More)
  • Christopher K Hsee, Yu Jiao Zhang, Yan Zhang, Fang, Yu Candidate, Jiao Zhang +10 others
  • 2003
A medium—for example, points or money—is a token people receive as the immediate reward of their effort. It has no value in and of itself, but it can be traded for a desired outcome. Experiments demonstrate that, when people are faced with options entailing different outcomes, the presence of a medium can alter what option they choose. This effect occurs(More)
  • S J Vermeulen, P K Aggarwal, A Ainslie, C Angelone, B M Campbell, A J Challinor +8 others
  • 2010
Scope: This paper reviews the state of current scientific knowledge on the links between climate change, agriculture and food security, in terms of anticipating impacts, managing climate variability and risks, accelerating adaptation to progressive climate change, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector. Foreign Affairs and(More)