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Success of digital ecosystem depends on a reliable supporting infrastructure that offers and transports services and information thereby empowers the business system to function properly. This implies the utmost importance to maintain the reliability, confidentiality and integrity of the network and communication systems. This paper reports an initial pilot(More)
The anomaly and attack patterns using data mining have attracted in recent years. The social network anomaly and attack patterns analysis is focused in this research. The data mining system is developed with a cluster algorithm by distance measure and K-Means clustering method to analyze a large amount of IDS log data of social network to discover unknown(More)
Temporal medical data is often collected during patient treatments that require personal analysis. Each observation recorded in the temporal medical data is associated with measurements and time treatments. A major problem in the analysis of temporal medical data are the missing values that are caused, for example, by patients dropping out of a study before(More)
The Internet is radically changing the way from web 1.0, web 2.0 to web 3.0 in recent years and a new type of communications is on the rise, its call social network such as Facebook, Myspace, Skype and so on. There are many threats to an open Internet today. While the technical development of the Internet today has concentrated the awareness of several(More)
Big Data has emerged as an important platform for data intensive computing. In the complex network infrastructure like UniNet, which is one of the biggest research and education network in Thailand, the network analysis is crucial to operate and maintain the network. Netflow is one of the useful tools for collect data from routers to log files for analyzing(More)
Healthcare and hospital are the most complex service systems because healthcare records are distributed in various locations. The huge of data is used in the hospital for patients' treatment, which consume a lot of communication bandwidth. The dynamics circuit network (DCN) is one of the Future Internet applications that support the dedicated bandwidth(More)
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