Panjagala Satyanarayana

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Thrombolytic therapy is used increasingly for prosthetic valve thrombosis. Fear of peripheral embolism has limited its use in left-sided valve occlusions. Thirty-eight patients with prosthetic valve occlusion were treated with thrombolytic agents on 44 occasions. Duration of thrombolytic therapy was individualized. Patients were followed up with clinical,(More)
An attempt has been made to study the effect of the steady two dimensional free convection heat and mass transfer flow electrically conducting and chemically reacting fluid through a porous medium bounded by a vertical infinite surface with constant suction velocity and constant heat flux in the presence of a uniform magnetic field is presented. The(More)
A reverse phase HPLC method is developed for the determination of zinc carnosine in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Chromatography was carried out on a C18 column [250mm, 4.6m, 5μm] using a mixture of dipotassium di hydrogen ortho phosphate buffer and Acetonitrile (80:20 v/v) as the mobile phase at a flow rate of 1 ml/min. Detection was carried out at 215 nm(More)
New intermolecular H-bonded liquid crystalline complexes, viz., 2-(p-n-heptyloxybenzylidene imino)-5-chloro-pyridine:p-/z-alkoxybenzoic acid; (HICP:nABA) (where n denotes the alkoxy carbon num­ bers 3 to 10 and 12) exhibiting smectic-F (n = 12) and smectic-G phases have been synthesized and char­ acterized by Thermal Microscopy and Differential Scanning(More)
The emergency medicine department (EMD) is one of the youngest department in the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS). The study was conducted for a period of six months from it's inception, since November 01st 1992. The physical facilities, staffing, policies and procedures, work load and cost analysis were studied, and conclusions and suggestions(More)
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