Panita Yongyuth

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Agriculture has a strong impact in the environment; it has played key role in the development of food security and food safety. In this paper, we are proposing a 3D multilingual Internet game, developed by using the on-line virtual world platform, that lets the player experience the potential effects of agriculture in the environment. The main idea is to(More)
An ontological knowledge management system requires dynamic and encapsulating operation in order to share knowledge among communities. The key to success of knowledge sharing in the field of agriculture is using and sharing agreed terminologies such as ontological knowledge especially in multiple languages. This paper proposes a workbench with three(More)
Agriculture, while of uttermost importance for society, may also have a strong negative impact on the environment. Hence we propose a game that offers players the opportunity to experience the effects of different styles of agriculture on the environment. The game was built with the purpose of promoting the awareness of agriculture issues, such as, (1) the(More)
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