Pangkuan Chen

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We have developed model light-emitting metallogels functionalized with lanthanide metal-ligand coordination complexes via a terpyridyl-end-capped four-arm poly(ethylene glycol) polymer. The optical properties of these highly luminescent polymer networks are readily modulated over a wide spectrum, including white-light emission, simply by tuning of the(More)
A series of highly luminescent monodisperse fluoreneborane oligomers (n=1-6) were prepared using a new iterative synthetic procedure that takes advantage of the highly selective and differential reactivity of bromoboranes with arylsilanes and arylstannanes. Cyclic and square wave voltammetry revealed a gradual decrease of the LUMO energy levels with(More)
A set of monodisperse bent donor-acceptor-donor-type conjugated borazine oligomers, BnNn+1 (n=1-4), incorporating electron-rich triarylamine donor and electron-deficient triarylborane acceptor units has been prepared through an iterative synthetic approach that takes advantage of highly selective silicon-boron and tin-boron exchange reactions. The effect of(More)
A facile and versatile approach was developed to access ambipolar boron-containing macrocycles. Two examples of new conjugated cyclic motifs are presented with carbazole moieties as donors and borane moieties as acceptors embedded into the ring system. They were first predicted using computational methods. Possible targets with appropriately shaped(More)
A highly luminescent conjugated organoboron macrocycle containing six Lewis acidic boron centers was synthesized. Comparison of the optical and electronic properties with those of a hexameric linear oligomer revealed important differences due to delocalization within the highly symmetric cyclic conjugated structure. Exposure of this unique(More)
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