Pangfeng Liu

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Data replication is a typical strategy for increasing access performance and data availability in data grid systems. Work on data replication in grid systems focuses on infrastructure for replication and mechanisms for creating/deleting replicas. The important problem of choosing suitable locations for placing replicas in data grids has not been well(More)
This paper describes our experiences developing high-performance code for astrophysical N-body simulations. Recent N-body methods are based on an adaptive tree structure. The tree must be built and maintained across physically distributed memory; moreover, the communication requirements are irregular and adaptive. Together with the need to balance the(More)
This paper studies the QoS-aware replica placement problem. Although there has been much work on replica placement problem, most of them concerns average system performance and ignores quality assurance issue. Quality assurance is very important, especially in heterogeneous environments. We propose a new heuristic algorithm that determines the positions of(More)
MapReduce is a widely used data-parallel programming model for large-scale data analysis. The framework is shown to be scalable to thousand of computing nodes and reliable on commodity clusters. However, research has shown that there is room for performance improvement of the MapReduce framework. One of the main performance bottlenecks is caused by the(More)
During recent years cloud service providers have successfully provided reliable and flexible resources to cloud users. For example Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) and Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides users storage in the cloud. Despite the tremendous efforts cloud service providers have devoted to the availability of their services, the(More)
Power consumption is one of the most critical problems in data centers. One effective way to reduce power consumption is to consolidate the hosting workloads and shut down physical machines which become idle after consolidation. Server consolidation is a NP-hard problem. In this paper, a new algorithms Dynamic Round-Robin (DRR), is proposed for energy-aware(More)
This dissertation studies issues critical to e cient N-body simulations on parallel computers. The N-body problem poses several challenges for distributed-memory implementation: adaptive distributed data structures, irregular data access patterns, and irregular and adaptive communication patterns. We introduce new techniques to maintain dynamic irregular(More)
In this paper, we address three issues concerning data replica placement in hierarchical Data Grids that can be presented as tree structures. The first is how to ensure load balance among replicas. To achieve this, we propose a placement algorithm that finds the optimal locations for replicas so that theirworkload is balanced. The second issue is how to(More)
Cross-ISA system-mode emulation has many important applications. For example, Cross-ISA system-mode emulation helps computer architects and OS developers trace and debug kernel execution-flow efficiently by emulating a slower platform (such as ARM) on a more powerful plat-form (such as an x86 machine). Cross-ISA system-mode emulation also enables workload(More)