Pang-yu Teng

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PURPOSE The purpose of the study is to report global measurements of inner retinal oxygen delivery (DO2_IR) and oxygen metabolism (MO2_IR) in streptozotocin (STZ) diabetic rats. METHODS Phosphorescence lifetime and blood flow imaging were performed in rats 4 (STZ/4 wk; n = 10) and 6 (STZ/6 wk; n = 10) weeks following injection of STZ to measure retinal(More)
PURPOSE Retinal hypoxia is a common pathological condition usually caused by ischemia that may result in alterations in oxidative energy metabolism. We report measurements of oxygen delivery by the retinal circulation (DO2_IR) and inner retinal oxygen metabolism (MO2_IR) under systemic normoxia and hypoxia in rat. METHODS Rats were ventilated with(More)