Pang Zhonghua

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This paper investigates the problem of active fault tolerant control for networked control systems with network delay, package loss, as well as actuator fault. Treating the aforementioned communication constraints as a unified definition of view, called the round-trip time (RTT) delay. An adaptive fault observer is devised in the sensor to evaluate the(More)
Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) have been gaining popularity with their high potential in widespread applications, and the security of CPSs becomes a rigorous problem. In this paper, an output track control (OTC) method is designed for discrete-time linear time-invariant Gaussian systems. The output tracking error is regarded as an additional state, Kalman(More)
This paper addresses the security issues of data transmitted in the backward channel of networked control systems (NCSs) under deception attacks, especially confidentiality and integrity. As a kind of typical active attacks, deception attacks can severely degrade the system performance or even destabilize the system. To detect the deception attacks on the(More)
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