Pang-Kai Liu

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MOTIVATION The inference of biochemical networks, such as gene regulatory networks, protein-protein interaction networks, and metabolic pathway networks, from time-course data is one of the main challenges in systems biology. The ultimate goal of inferred modeling is to obtain expressions that quantitatively understand every detail and principle of(More)
The inference of genetic regulatory networks from time-course data is one of the main challenges in systems biology. The ultimate goal of inferred model is to obtain the expressions quantitatively comprehending every detail and principle of biological systems. This study introduces a multiobjective optimization approach to infer a realizable S-system(More)
In this paper, a line driver for HomePlug AV powerline communication system has been described. The proposed line driver includes a damping factor control (DFC) network which suppressed the open loop high frequency peaking effect to improve the stability for the various characteristic impedance of powerline. The line driver was fabricated in TSMC 0.18-μm(More)
The panel method, or the boundary element method, has been widely used for calculating lifting flows in which forces on wing surfaces are primarily of interest. In panel method for a wind generation system with a number of propfans or for an oil platform motion control assembly with a number of thrusters/propellers, calling time for a matrix solver is the(More)
Several nanowire devices of mono-crystalline silicon were fabricated using e-beam and optical lithography. The monocrystalline and polycrystalline device characterization was compared and demonstrated with gate and drain voltages. The electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was used to test device stability and sensitivity under various experimental(More)
1 PAYNE, R.s., and DINSMORE, K.A.: ‘Surface micromachined accelerometer: A technology update’. SAE, 25 Feb. 1991, Detroit, MI, pp. 127-135 2 HARONIAN, D.: ‘Maximizing microelectromechanical sensor and actuator sensitivity by optimizing geometry’, Sens. Actuators, 1995, A-50, pp. 223-236 3 WENK, B., RAMOS-MARTOS, J., FEHRENBACH, M., LANGE, P., OFFENBERG, M.,(More)
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