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—In [1], we have proposed the MIMO-OFDM PHY integrated (MOPI) scheme for achieving physical-layer security in practice without using any cryptographic ciphers. The MOPI scheme uses channel sounding and physical-layer network coding (PNC) to prevent eavesdroppers from learning the channel state information (CSI). Nevertheless, due to the use of multiple(More)
This work proposes the use of a unitary modulation scheme to enhance physical layer secrecy in multi-antenna wire­ less systems. The proposed scheme takes advantage of having only channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT) but not at the receiver and the eavesdropper. With CSIT, the transmitter can first take the LQ or singular value decomposition(More)
—Applications of location estimation have drawn lots of interests in recent years. Many schemes have been developed to estimate the locations of the concerned users. Conventionally, the location of each user is estimated independently by its own observations from the local environment. In this paper, we propose a cooperative location estimation scheme. From(More)
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