Pandya Narendra

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In India, clinicians conducted a cross sectional analysis of 104 HIV-positive intravenous (IV) drug users registered at the ICMR Unit for Research on AIDS in northeastern states of India to examine home-based care of these individuals living in Imphal, Manipur. 10% required referral to a hospital, mainly due to meningitis. 26% were asymptomatic. (More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of our study is to compare the efficacy and side-effects of Ketamine and Midazolam administered nasally for the pediatric premedication. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied 100 American Society of Anesthesiology I and II children aged from 1 to 10 years undergoing various surgical procedures. Totally, 50 children were evaluated(More)
In the present study, the practically insoluble drug, repaglinide, employs formation of solid dispersions as a means to enhance the dissolution rate, thus enhancing bioavailability of repaglinide, typically employs hydrophilic polymer systems (Lutrol F127, PEG 6000 and Gelucire 44/14) with different ratios prepared using the melting, solvent and melting(More)
Ludwig's angina is a deep neck space infection. Unlike other abscesses elsewhere in the body, rapid progression of the disease results in serious complications such as airway oedema, distortion, total obstruction with loss of airway and death. Thus, early diagnosis and skilful airway management is necessary. For safe airway management, fibreoptic intubation(More)
Internal jugular catheterization is associated with arterial puncture in 6.3-9.4% of cases and subclavian artery (SCA) injuries are probably under-reported. Several complications like hemothorax, delayed presentation of hemomediastinum due to SCA injury have been reported. We report a case of critical upper limb ischemia due to SCA thrombosis developing a(More)
It is well known that labelling is crucial in anesthetic practice. Syringe and drug preparation errors accounted for 452 (50.4%) incidents in the Australian Incident Monitoring Study database. We report a unique potential event of possible wrong route administration of medications where a bowl of local anaesthetics was mistakenly taken to the surgical(More)
INTRODUCTION Anesthetists come in contact with more than two-third of hospital patients. Timely referral to anesthetists is vital in perioperative and remote site settings. Delayed referrals, improper referrals, and referrals at inappropriate levels can result in inadequate preparation, perioperative complications, and poor outcome. METHODS The self(More)
Betel quid is used by 10-20% of world of population. Oral submucus fibrosis (OSF) is a chronic premalignant disease common in South Asian countries where betel quid is chewed. It is characterized by juxtaepithelial fibrosis of oral cavity and limited mouth opening, which can cause difficult intubation. A recent study in Taiwan has revealed long-term betel(More)
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