Pandelis N. Biskas

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—This paper presents a new method for the decentralized solution of the dc optimal power flow (OPF) problem in large interconnected power systems. The method decomposes the overall OPF problem of a multiarea system into independent OPF sub-problems, one for each area. The solutions of the OPF subproblems of the different areas are coordinated through a(More)
—This paper presents a decentralized implementation of the DC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem on a network of workstations. Each workstation is assigned to a regional Transmission System Operator (TSO), who manages the operation of the transmission system of his own region, as well as cross-border exchanges with neighboring regions. The workstations take(More)
—The vast installation of intermittent energy sources (especially wind) has distorted the normal strict pattern of the net demand (demand minus RES production), increasing the importance of real-time balancing markets, which handle efficiently imbalances between supply and demand. In this paper, the incorporation of demand response bids within a real-time(More)
The integration of the European electricity market constitutes a critical and contemporary issue, expected to take place within year 2015. In view of the forthcoming RES penetration, physical markets with unit-based offers-either power pools or Power Exchanges (PXs)-check the feasibility of the electricity market solution against their intra-zonal(More)