Pancho Peralta

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We report transovarial transmission of Gamboa virus (Bunyavirus) in Aedeomyia squamipennis, a tropical mosquito which is active and bloodfeeding throughout the year. Gamboa virus was isolated during each of the 28 months of the study from every mosquito stage, including eggs, demonstrating that vertical transmission is a maintenance mechanism of this virus.(More)
The antigenic relationships of 21 known or presumed Phlebotomus fever group serotypes and of 2 ungrouped, solvent sensitive, sandfly-associated arboviruses (Pacui and Charleville) were studied by complement fixation, plaque neutralization, and hemagglutination-inhibition methods. Results of complement fixation and neutralization tests were specific,(More)
A simple, rapid and inexpensive method of isolating yellow fever (YF) virus from naturally infected mosquitoes, human liver and the serum of a sentinel monkey by inoculation of a continuous line of mosquito cells is described. The mosquito cells were more sensitive than suckling mice and marginally better than Vero cells for primary isolation. This is the(More)