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With the huge amount of information available online the World Wide Web is a fertile area for data mining research. The Web has become a major vehicle in performing research and education related activities for researches and students. Web mining is the use of data mining technologies to automatically interact and discover information from web documents,(More)
Automated annotation of protein function is challenging. As the number of sequenced genomes rapidly grows, the overwhelming majority of protein products can only be annotated computationally. If computational predictions are to be relied upon, it is crucial that the accuracy of these methods be high. Here we report the results from the first large-scale(More)
Motivated by the need for unification of the field of data mining and the growing demand for formalized representation of outcomes of research, we address the task of constructing an ontology of data mining. The proposed ontology, named OntoDM, is based on a recent proposal of a general framework for data mining, and includes definitions of basic data(More)
New microbial genomes are sequenced at a high pace, allowing insight into the genetics of not only cultured microbes, but a wide range of metagenomic collections such as the human microbiome. To understand the deluge of genomic data we face, computational approaches for gene functional annotation are invaluable. We introduce a novel model for computational(More)
6 High quality information on forest resources is important to forest ecosystem management. Tra-7 ditional ground measurements are labor and resource intensive and at the same time expensive 8 and time consuming. For most of the Slovenian forests, there is extensive ground-based infor-9 mation on forest properties of selected sample locations. However there(More)
Motivated by the need for unification of the domain of data mining and the demand for formalized representation of outcomes of data mining investigations, we address the task of constructing an ontol-ogy of data mining. In this paper we present an updated version of the OntoDM ontology, that is based on a recent proposal of a general framework for data(More)
The motivation for this study was to learn to predict forest fires in Slovenia using different data mining techniques. We used predictive models based on data from a GIS (geographical information system), the weather prediction model-Aladin and MODIS satellite data. We examined three different datasets: one only for the Kras region, one for whole Primorska(More)
In this article, we present OntoDM-core, an ontology of core data mining entities. OntoDM-core defines the most essential data mining entities in a three-layered ontological structure comprising of a specification, an implementation and an application layer. It provides a representational framework for the description of mining structured data, and in(More)
Genetically-modified (GM) crops increased their share in EU agriculture, so the adventitious presence of GM varieties in non-GM seeds and crops has become an issue and poses the problem of their coexistence with conventional and organic crops. Therefore, there is a need to propose appropriate measures at the farm and regional levels to minimize adventitious(More)