Panayiotis Theodoropoulos

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The neuroprotective role of estrogen (E2) is supported by a multitude of experimental and epidemiological data, although its mode of action is not fully understood. The present work was conducted to study the underlying mechanisms of its neuroprotective action, using the rat cell line PC12, an established model for neuronal cell apoptosis and survival. Our(More)
This paper describes CRONUS, a platform for parallelizing general nested loops. General nested loops contain complex loop bodies (assignments, conditionals, repetitions) and exhibit uniform loop-carried dependencies. The novelty of CRONUS is twofold: (1) it determines the optimal scheduling hyperplane using the QuickHull algorithm, which is more efficient(More)
Frequently the most computationally intensive part of a program is attributed to the nested loops it contains. It is therefore of interest to try to parallelize the nested loops in order to reduce the overall computation time. A special category of FOR(DO) nested loops are the uniform dependence loops, which yield efficient parallelization techniques and(More)
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