Panayiotis Nikolaou

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We present a systematic, multiparameter study of Rb/(129)Xe spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP) in the regimes of high xenon pressure and photon flux using a 3D-printed, clinical-scale stopped-flow hyperpolarizer. In situ NMR detection was used to study the dynamics of (129)Xe polarization as a function of SEOP-cell operating temperature, photon flux, and(More)
We describe temperature-ramped spin-exchange optical pumping (TR-SEOP) in an automated high-throughput batch-mode (129)Xe hyperpolarizer utilizing three key temperature regimes: (i) "hot"-where the (129)Xe hyperpolarization rate is maximal, (ii) "warm"-where the (129)Xe hyperpolarization approaches unity, and (iii) "cool"-where hyperpolarized (129)Xe gas is(More)
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