Panatula Suresh Babu

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Targeted disruption of the receptor for glycoprotein hormone, FSH (FSH-R) causes a gene dose-related endocrine and gametogenic abnormality in female mice. The resulting FSH-R knockout (FORKO) mutants have disordered estrous cycles, ovulatory defects, and atrophic uterus. The heterozygous animals that initially show reduced fertility undergo early(More)
The original concept (dogma) of a single FSH receptor entity coupling to G(s) protein to activate adenylate cyclase and producing cAMP as second messenger appears inadequate to explain pleiotropic actions of the hormone. The identification and expression of alternatively spliced gonadotropin receptors, suggest that alternative splicing could serve as a(More)
IEEE 802.16 standard was designed to support the bandwidth demanding applications with quality of service (QoS). Bandwidth is reserved for each application to ensure the QoS. For variable bit rate (VBR) applications, however, it is difficult for the subscriber station (SS) to predict the amount of incoming data. In this paper, we propose a scheme, named(More)
Capparis sepiaria L, a profusely branched hedge plant, is used in Indian traditional medicine. Capparis sepiaria leaves were extracted with ethanol and concentrated to dryness. The LD(50) value was determined as 894.43 mg/kg body weight by acute toxicity study. The ethanol extract was investigated for possible hypoglycemic effect produced by single oral(More)
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