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In the context of Technology Enhanced Learning, digital educational resources are widely used for supporting a wide range of educational activities. Thus, organizing, managing, offering and accessing these resources over the web have been a key issue for our community. Emerging Web 2.0 applications and user attitudes and, especially, the user participation(More)
For the present work, we attempt to study the issue of automatic acquisition of intonational phrase breaks. A mathematically well-formed framework is suggested, which is based on Bayesian theory. Based on two different assumptions regarding the conditional independence of the input attributes, we have come up with two Bayesian implementations, namely the(More)
In the present work we study the applicability of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) on the phoneme recognition task. Specifically, the Least Squares version of the algorithm (LS-SVM) is employed in recognition of the Greek phonemes in the framework of telephone-driven voice-enabled information service. The N-best candidate phonemes are identified and(More)
Research collaboration is studied in different research areas, so as to provide useful insights on how researchers combine existing distributed scientific knowledge and transform it into new knowledge. Commonly used metrics for measuring research collaborative activity include, among others, the co-authored publications (concerned with who works with whom)(More)
The prosodic specification of an utterance to be spoken by a Text-to-Speech synthesis system can be devised in break indices, pitch accents and boundary tones. In particular, the identification of break indices formulates the intonational phrase breaks that affect all the forthcoming prosody-related procedures. In the present paper we use tree-structured(More)
As a part of our preparation for the 2004 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation, we evaluated the practical usefulness of five feature ranking and selection methods. Seeking for improvement of the overall performance of our speaker verification system, WCL-1, we studied the relevance and contribution of the individual speech parameters. Furthermore, the(More)
For the present paper, a Bayesian probabilistic framework for the task of automatic acquisition of intonational phrase breaks was established. By considering two different conditional independence assumptions, the naïve Bayes and Bayesian networks approaches were regarded and evaluated against the CART algorithm, which has been previously used with success.(More)