Panagiotis Vartholomeos

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– This paper presents the motion analysis, design and position control of a novel, low cost, sliding micro-robot, which is actuated by centripetal forces generated by robot mounted vibration micro-motors. A new, two-micromotor design of the platform is presented, that improves system energy efficiency, and further does not necessitate for synchronous(More)
This paper presents a novel actuation technology for robotically assisted MRI-guided interventional procedures. In the proposed approach, the MRI scanner is used to deliver power, estimate actuator state and perform closed-loop control. The actuators themselves are compact, inexpensive and wireless. Using needle driving as an example application, actu-ation(More)
A computational platform has been developed to perform simulation, visualization, and postprocessing analysis of the aggregation process of magnetic particles within a fluid environment such as small arteries and arterioles or fluid-filled cavities of the human body. The mathematical models needed to describe the physics of the system are presented in(More)
This paper presents a novel actuation technology for robotically assisted MRI-guided interventional procedures. Compact and wireless, the actuators are both powered and controlled by the MRI scanner. The design concept and performance limits are described and derived analytically. Simulation and experiments in a clinical MR scanner are used to validate the(More)
— Actuators that are powered, imaged and controlled by Magnetic Resonance (MR) scanners offer the potential of inexpensively providing wireless control of MR-guided robots. Similar to traditional electric motors, the MR scanner acts as the stator and generates propulsive torques on an actuator rotor containing one or more ferrous particles. To generate(More)
– This paper presents the analysis and design of a novel mini-robotic platform that is able to perform translational and rotational sliding with sub-micrometer positioning accuracy and develop velocities up to 1.5 mm/s. The platform actuation system employs vibration micro-motors. The dynamic model of the platform and of its actuation system is presented,(More)
—This paper presents the analysis, design, and closed-loop motion control of a mobile microrobotic platform capable of micrometer positioning on a plane. The mobile microrobot, including chassis, actuators, drives, microprocessor, and electronics, is of low cost (less than $20), can be fabricated rapidly and is made of commercially available components. Its(More)
In this paper a study is conducted on the force capabilities of centripetal force actuated microrobotic platforms. The aim is to exploit the centripetal forces generated by platform mounted vibrating micro-motors for micromanipulation purposes. First, an overview of the platform dynamics and motion capabilities is presented. The type of forces generated by(More)