Panagiotis Tsakanikas

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The detection of protein spots in 2DGE images is one of the most important tasks in a proteomics data analysis workflow. All subsequent steps of differential expression analysis for biomarkers discovery depend on its effectiveness. In this study, we introduce the use of Active Contours without Edges coupled with Contourlet Transform-based image enhancement(More)
2D gel electrophoresis (2DGE) is the most commonly used method for protein separation. After gel scanning, images with a plethora of spot features are generated. In this paper we propose the use of the Contourlet Transform (CT) for 2D gels image denoising and compare it to the Wavelet Transform (WT). We show that contourlets not only achieve better average(More)
Cell tracking enables data extraction from timelapse "cell movies" and promotes modeling biological processes at the single-cell level. We introduce a new fully automated computational strategy to track accurately cells across frames in time-lapse movies. Our method is based on a dynamic neighborhoods formation and matching approach, inspired by motion(More)
Recently, machine vision is gaining attention in food science as well as in food industry concerning food quality assessment and monitoring. Into the framework of implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in the food industry, image processing can be used not only in estimation and even prediction of food quality but also in detection of(More)
Image analysis is still considered as the bottleneck in 2D-gel based expression proteomics analysis for biomarkers discovery. We are presenting a new end-to-end image analysis pipeline of operations that can be fully automated. The pipeline includes image denoising and enhancement based on contourlets, image segmentation into Regions of Interest (ROIs)(More)
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