Panagiotis Siaperas

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The aims of this study were to investigate whether individuals with AS have impaired motor abilities and sensorimotor processing and whether these impairments were age-related. Sensorimotor abilities were examined using the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2, and the Sensory Integration Praxis Test. Fifty boys with AS aged 7-14 years old were(More)
In November 2001, the Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic People (GSPAP) established the first residence for people with autism in Greece, following the guidelines of structured teaching and the TEACCH method with all 12 of the residents. Using interview questionnaires and systematic naturalistic observations, this case study explored the(More)
The purpose of the study is the investigation of how effective could be one of the first residential training programmes based on structured teaching and the principles of TEACCH method, in declining the frequency of challenging behaviours in adolescents and adults with autism, who had never received any kind of intervention or training. Functional(More)
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