Panagiotis Papaioannou

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The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is widely accepted to hold true under certain assumptions. One of its implications is that the prediction of stock prices at least in the short run cannot outperform the random walk model. Yet, recently many studies stressing the psychological and social dimension of financial behavior have challenged the validity of(More)
Driving behaviour at signalized intersections is one of the main factors contributing to the safety level of such entities. This behaviour, with respect to yellow signal obedience or violation, is examined at a signalized intersection in Thessaloniki, Greece. The data, collected for the study purposes, include vehicles' speeds and distance from stop line(More)
We study the co-evolution of the dynamics or co-movement of two electricity markets, the Italian and Greek, by studying the dynamics of their wholesale day-ahead prices, simultaneously in the time-frequency domain. Co-movement is alternatively referred as market integration in financial economics and markets are internationally integrated if the reward for(More)
In this work we propose a new hybrid model, a combination of the manifold learning Principal Components (PC) technique and the traditional multiple regression (PC-regression), for short and medium-term forecasting of daily, aggregated, day-ahead, electricity system-wide load in the Greek Electricity Market for the period 2004–2014. PC-regression is shown to(More)
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is one of the most promising alternatives to conventional public key cryptography, such as RSA and ElGamal, since it employs keys of smaller sizes for the same level of cryptographic strength. Smaller key sizes imply smaller hardware units for performing the arithmetic operations required by cryptographic protocols and,(More)
The objective of this paper is to examine a number of factors (observed and latent) that might have a causal effect on drinking and driving (D&D) behaviour. Face-to-face surveys were conducted among patrons at bars and cafeterias and 305 valid questionnaires were filled. A confirmatory factor analysis was performed so as to identify the latent constructs(More)
Studies about the road safety effect of interventions are usually retrospective quasi-experiments. In these, one key task is to predict what would have been the safety of the treated group without the intervention. Such predictions can be made by several methods, one of which is to use a "comparison group." We use 26 yearly counts of reported injury(More)
Aim of the research presented in this paper is to assist Transport Planners manipulate spatial information involved in Travel Demand Modelling (TDM) by exploiting the advances of contemporary Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. This may be achieved by establishing a standard data model prototyping the transport entities used in transportation(More)
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