Panagiotis Markopoulos

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Introduction A recent focus of research in HCI and CSCW, influenced by previous work in Media Spaces and Portholes, as well as current trends in ambient intelligence, are awareness systems for use in personal settings – either home or mobile. Here, lightweight, emotional, informal forms of communication are being facilitated by systems that help people to(More)
PRODUCT INFORMATION DISSEMINATION IN THE INTERNET AND MARKETS FOR PRODUCT INFORMATION Panagiotis M. Markopoulos Supervisor: Lyle H. Ungar Information is of utmost importance in the operation of every market, including, recently emerged, on-line markets for products and services. Market participants utilize available and relevant information to decide upon(More)
The LivingLab is a planned research infrastructure that is pivotal for user-system interaction research in the next decade. This article presents the concept and outlines a research programme that will be served by this facility. These future plans are motivated by a vision of future developments concerning interaction with intelligent environments.
This work presents the design and implementation of a wireless sensor network (WSN) from first principles, i.e. without the use of commercial WSN platforms. Specifically, a modular multi-hop WSN was built for humidity, temperature and soil wetness measurements, towards precision agriculture applications. We describe the modules developed for radio(More)
P. Alencar University of Waterloo, Canada A.M. Dearden University of York, UK J.S. Dong DIT, CSIRO, Australia D.J. Duke University of York, UK G.P. Faconti CNUCE-CNR, Pisa, Italy P. Girard LISI/ENSMA, Futuroscope, France M.D. Harrison University of York, UK J.K. Hyde Middlesex University, UK P. Markopoulos QMW College, London, UK N. Merriam University of(More)
This paper reports the user study and design of an improved concept of a mobile messaging application for teens. The studies of current mobile phone use by teens (16-18) showed that, while they prefer communicating by Short Message Service (SMS), they miss expressiveness in this application. An enhanced SMS application, SenseMS, is designed to support(More)
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