Panagiotis Markopoulos

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M odern digital communications, informatics, and electronics increasingly blend together in our daily lives. Cell phones, for example, have evolved into powerful, handheld computers with smart human-computer interfaces, broadband wireless connectiv-ity, and a multitude of sensors (cameras, capacitive touch-screens, accelerometers, GPS receivers, and so on).(More)
This paper reports the user study and design of an improved concept of a mobile messaging application for teens. The studies of current mobile phone use by teens (16-18) showed that, while they prefer communicating by Short Message Service (SMS), they miss expressiveness in this application. An enhanced SMS application, SenseMS, is designed to support(More)
—This work presents the design and implementation of a wireless sensor network (WSN) from first principles, i.e. without the use of commercial WSN platforms. Specifically, a modular multi-hop WSN was built for humidity, temperature and soil wetness measurements, towards precision agriculture applications. We describe the modules developed for radio(More)
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