Panagiotis Koutlemanis

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This paper presents an innovative advergame installation for promoting the brand and products of a company producing Cretan rusks. The paper first presents some background and related work. Then, the requirements set towards creating the game are outlined, followed by concept creation and design decisions taken to meet these requirements, as well as a(More)
This work regards fingertip contact detection and localization upon planar surfaces, for the purpose of providing interactivity in augmented, interactive displays that are implemented upon these surfaces. The proposed approach differs from the widely employed approach where user hands are observed from above, in that user hands are imaged laterally. An(More)
Estimating the pose of objects from depth data is a problem of considerable practical importance for many vision applications. This paper presents an approach for accurate and efficient 3D pose estimation from noisy 2.5D depth images obtained from a consumer depth sensor. Initialized with a coarsely accurate pose, the proposed approach applies a(More)
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