Panagiotis K Giannopoulos

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AIM To identify and analyze the clinical presentation, management and outcome of patients with acute mechanical bowel obstruction along with the etiology of obstruction and the incidence and causes of bowel ischemia, necrosis, and perforation. METHODS This is a prospective observational study of all adult patients admitted with acute mechanical bowel(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of ATLS(®) on trauma mortality in a non-trauma system setting. ATLS represents a fundamental element of trauma training in every trauma curriculum. Nevertheless, there are limited studies in the literature as for the impact of ATLS training in trauma mortality, especially outside the US. (More)
Hydatid disease, although endemic mostly in sheep-farming countries, remains a public health issue worldwide, involving mainly the liver. Intrabiliary rupture is the most frequent complication of the hepatic hydatid cyst. Endoscopy is advocated, preoperatively, to alleviate obstructive jaundice caused by intracystic materials after a frank rupture and is(More)
PURPOSE To present the initial Greek experience with vacuumassisted breast biopsy (VABB) in the diagnosis of nonpalpable solid mammographic lesions without microcalcifications. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed 83 VABB procedures (using a Fischer table and 11-guage Mammotome probes) in an 18- month period on women with nonpalpable solid breast tumors. We(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary splenic angiosarcoma is a rare neoplasm of vascular origin carrying a very poor prognosis, partly due to its high metastatic potential. This disease presents frequently with splenic rupture and hemorrhage. We report the case of a 17-year-old woman who presented with rupture of a primary splenic angiosarcoma. CASE PRESENTATION The(More)
AIM To determine the mechanical properties of anastomotic colonic tissue in experimental settings and therefore give a measure of wound healing. METHODS Thirty-six male Wistar rats were used as experimental models of anastomotic tissue integrity. On the 5th post-operative day, the tensile strength was measured by application of an axial force, providing a(More)
A 60-years old male was admitted to our department for investigation of constipation and hypogastric discomfort intensified during defecation of a few weeks duration. The cause proved to be a rectal carcinosarcoma that was treated by abdominoperineal resection and postoperative chemo-radiotherapy. The patient died 6 months later due to hepatic failure,(More)
Schizophrenia is a debilitating, often chronic, psychotic disorder with early onset and a lifetime prevalence of 7.2/1,000. The longer the period without treatment, the worse the outcome. In the UK, the mean duration of untreated psychosis is one to two years. The new NICE guidelines for schizophrenia recommend that all patients who are distressed and have(More)
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