Panagiotis I. Arsenos

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There is a broad variety of factors that are contributing to the nursing staff shortage. They include low wages, poor image of nursing, job satisfaction, ageing of the nursing workforce and cost reductions. In the Greek National Health System, there is a policy of open-visiting hours in hospitals. Family members stay with the patients for many hours and(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES This study aims to explore the kind and frequency of care provided to hospitalized cancer patients by relatives and the reasons for providing this care. BACKGROUND Informal care is a common phenomenon across many countries. In Greece, informal caring activities occur in most hospitals. Patients' relatives stay by their bedside for long(More)
The problem of fault detection is investigated for the case of Sequential Interindustry Models (SIMs). The model is in discrete time descriptor form including non measurable total outputs and uncertain final demand orders. For this model category the problem of fault detection is studied on the basis of the design of two observers.
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