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This paper describes two approaches for semantically-assisted design of collaborative business processes in intra-and inter-enterprise application integration scenarios. Both approaches rely on the ENterprise Integration Ontology (ENIO) that resolves structural heterogeneities of different business applications on the data and functional level.(More)
Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a novel, rapidly growing segment in the Cloud computing market. However, the diversity and heterogeneity of today's existing PaaS offerings raises several interoperability challenges. This introduces adoption barriers due to the lock-in issues that prevent the port-ability of data and applications from one PaaS to(More)
Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a rapidly growing IT paradigm which enables software developers to deploy applications without the burden of software platform maintenance. Currently, the PaaS market is dominated by a few providers that promote incompatible standards. This introduces adoption barriers that prevent the interoperability between(More)
SUMMARY Next generation network characteristics increase the complexity in the design and provision of advanced services, making inappropriate the selection of traditional approaches. Future networks are becoming larger in scale, more dynamic and more heterogeneous. In order to cope with these requirements, services are expected to adapt to environmental(More)
The implementation of service-oriented device architectures (SODA) suffers from restrictions that are imposed by the use of existing syntactic technologies. Related problems include data and message-level heterogeneities among interoperating services, insufficient search and discovery of exposed services and inadequate web process composition. In this paper(More)
If we try to increase the level of automation in enterprise application integration (EAI) scenarios, we confront challenges related to the resolution of data heterogeneities, service discovery and process composition. In this paper, we propose the enterprise interoperability ontology (ENIO) that provides a shared, common understanding of data, services and(More)
As the number of cloud service providers grows and the requirements of cloud service consumers become more complex, the latter will come to depend more and more on the intermediation services of cloud service brokers. Continuous quality assurance and optimisation of services is becoming a mission-critical objective that many consumers will find difficult to(More)
The imperative need of older people to lead a more independent life in their familiar environment can not be addressed only by the vast progress of the information and communication technologies but also modeling efforts are needed that take into serious account these specific needs. In this paper, we describe our approach concerning the conceptual design(More)
Service-oriented computing is being adopted at an unprecedented rate, making the effectiveness of automated service discovery an increasingly important challenge. UDDI has emerged as a de facto industry standard and fundamental building block within SOA infrastructures. Nevertheless, conventional UDDI registries lack means to provide unambiguous,(More)