Panagiotis E. Antoniou

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Many platforms have emerged as response to the call for technology supporting active and healthy aging. Key requirements for any such e-health systems and any subsequent business exploitation are tailor-made design and proper evaluation. This paper presents the design, implementation, wide deployment, and evaluation of the low cost, physical exercise, and(More) 0020-0255/ 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ⇑ Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: (E.I. Konstantinidis), (P.E. Antoniou), (G. Bamparo (P.D. Bamidis). 1 Tel.: +3
Background and purpose: Non linear signal analysis is a powerful technique that reveals qualitative and quantitative differentiations between different dynamical systems (biological or otherwise). Presented here are the first results of a work in progress to investigate the Magnetoencephalograms (MEG) from patients with malignant CNS lesions and from(More)
BACKGROUND Since their inception, virtual patients have provided health care educators with a way to engage learners in an experience simulating the clinician's environment without danger to learners and patients. This has led this learning modality to be accepted as an essential component of medical education. With the advent of the visually and audio-rich(More)
BACKGROUND Virtual patients are interactive computer simulations that are increasingly used as learning activities in modern health care education, especially in teaching clinical decision making. A key challenge is how to retrieve and repurpose virtual patients as unique types of educational resources between different platforms because of the lack of(More)