Panagiotis E. Antoniou

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The aim of this study was to examine the acute effect of front crawl sprint resisted swimming with different added resistances on the kinematic characteristics of the stroke and the orientation of the hand. Ten female swimmers swam four maximal trials (25 m) with small, moderate, large, and no added resistance respectively. Four camcorders were used to(More)
The purpose of the research was to determine the influence of hand paddles on the arm coordination in female front crawl swimmers. Ten female swimmers swam at a maximal intensity 25 m without, with small hand paddles (116 cm), and with large hand paddles (286 cm). Four S-VHS cameras were used to record the underwater motion of both arms, and the digitizing(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the influence of leg kick on the pattern, the orientation and the propulsive forces produced by the hand, the efficiency of the arm stroke, the trunk inclination, the inter-arm coordination and the intra-cyclic horizontal velocity variation of the hip in sprint front crawl swimming. Nine female swimmers swam two maximal(More)
Many platforms have emerged as response to the call for technology supporting active and healthy aging. Key requirements for any such e-health systems and any subsequent business exploitation are tailor-made design and proper evaluation. This paper presents the design, implementation, wide deployment, and evaluation of the low cost, physical exercise, and(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate possible modifications caused by hand paddles in the relative contribution of the lift and drag forces of the hand and in the propelling efficiency, during front crawl swimming. Eight female swimmers swam 25 m with maximal intensity without paddles, with small (116 cm(2)) and with large paddles (268 cm(2)). Four(More)
BACKGROUND Virtual patients are interactive computer simulations that are increasingly used as learning activities in modern health care education, especially in teaching clinical decision making. A key challenge is how to retrieve and repurpose virtual patients as unique types of educational resources between different platforms because of the lack of(More)