Panagiotis B. Pintelas

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We present a new curvilinear algorithmic model for training neural networks which is based on a modifications of the memoryless BFGS method that incorporates a curvilinear search. The proposed model exploits the nonconvexity of the error surface based on information provided by the eigensystem of memoryless BFGS matrices using a pair of directions; a(More)
Artificial intelligence has enabled the development of more sophisticated and more efficient student models which represent and detect a broader range of student behavior than was previously possible. In this work, we describe the implementation of a user-friendly software tool for predicting the students' performance in the course of “Mathematics” which is(More)
We present a matrix-free method for the large scale trust region subproblem (TRS), assuming that the approximate Hessian is updated using a minimal-memory BFGS method, where the initial matrix is a scaled identity matrix. We propose a variant of the Moré-Sorensen method that exploits the eigenstructure of the approximate Hessian, and incorporates(More)
Microworlds are typical examples of digital open environments of learning, which give the pupils the possibility of exploration and active training. They are composed of a number of objects and relations as well as a number of operations that affect the objects, modifying their relations and creating new objects. They are open systems which the pupils can(More)
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