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Critical phenomenon of granular flow on a conveyor belt.
The relationship between the granular wafer movement on a two-dimensional conveyor belt and the size of the exit together with the velocity of the conveyor belt has been studied in the experiment.Expand
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Short-Time Dynamics of Random-Bond Potts Ferromagnet with Continuous Self-Dual Quenched Disorders*
We present our Monte Carlo results of the random-bond Potts ferromagnet with the Olson–Young self-dual distribution of quenched disorders in two dimensions. By exploring the short-time scalingExpand
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Using Runge-Lenz vector to deduce the Bohr formula
By using the Hamihonian,conversation of angular momentum and Ruge-Lenz vector,the Bohr for- mula is deduced in the frame of classical mechanics.This can avoid complex integral and makes the deductionExpand
The whole solving-scheme of scientific & technical communication
At the base of sorting out and analyzing the four theories in the field of scientific technical communication: scheme of popularization of science,internal solving-scheme,external solving-scheme andExpand
Evolution of Bond-Order-Wave Phase in One-Dimensional Mott Insulators
In this paper, by using the level spectroscopy method and bosonization theory, we discuss the evolution of the bond-order-wave (BOW) phase in a one-dimensional half-filled extended Hubbard model withExpand
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A study on critical universality of the random-bond Potts models with self-dual quenched randomness
In this paper we present our numerical study on short-time critical dynamics for the q-state random-bond Potts model with self-dual quenched disorders. By exploring the universal power-law scalingExpand
The analyses of the Hg-green spectrum hyperfine structure and isotope shifts
In comparison the theoretical calculating results of hyperfine structure by the 546.1 nm Hg-green spectra with the experimental results,the magnetic dipole A_(m) and electric quadrupole B_e of theExpand
"Science in action" and the centralization of marginal power of scientific & technical communication——Discussing from the communication of knowledge of "SARS"
The SARS at present implies the daily change of environment in 21 Century. To acclimatize these changes, our science will become "science in action", which will challenge the present system ofExpand
Science and technology in action and the function of advertisement in scientific and technical communication
Today, with the quicker step of scientific technical integration, and the deep development of knowledge economy, the traditional knowledge conception and productive mode of knowledge have bothExpand