Pan Yongming

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The ability of pledge liquidation is essential to logistics finance risk control. In the process of evaluating the ability of pledge liquidation, the price stabilization of pledge is what should be mostly considered. VaR (Value at Risk) methodology is an effective measuring method to determine risks in the field of financial risk management. Quantitative(More)
Logistics finance can not only solve manufacturing firm bottleneck problem of financing, promoting third party logistics enterprise service development, but also provide the condition for banking industry's financial innovation. While this kind of emerging service gives many benefits to the commercial bank, it brings certain credit risk to them. The article(More)
Recently, the demand of synthesis services for the logistics finance has become stronger constantly. Derived from that, higher demand was raised for its operation model. Even though the academia has made large amount of researches with its operation models and brought forward different kinds of methods to classify it, the changeable operation needs of(More)
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