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Review of Active and Reactive Power Sharing Strategies in Hierarchical Controlled Microgrids
Microgrids consist of multiple parallel-connected distributed generation (DG) units with coordinated control strategies, which are able to operate in both grid-connected and islanded modes.Expand
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An Enhanced Power Sharing Scheme for Voltage Unbalance and Harmonics Compensation in an Islanded AC Microgrid
In this paper, an enhanced hierarchical control structure with multiple current loop damping schemes for voltage unbalance and harmonics compensation (UHC) in ac islanded microgrid is proposed toExpand
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Control Strategies for Islanded Microgrid Using Enhanced Hierarchical Control Structure With Multiple Current-Loop Damping Schemes
In this paper, the modeling, controller design, and stability analysis of the islanded microgrid (MG) using enhanced hierarchical control structure with multiple current loop damping schemes isExpand
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Constraint preconditioners for solving singular saddle point problems
We study constraint preconditioners for solving singular saddle point problems. We analyze properties of the preconditioned matrices, in particular their eigenvalue distributions, and prove that forExpand
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Stationary Frame Current Control Evaluations for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters with PVR-based Active Damped LCL Filters
Grid-connected inverters (GCIs) with an LCL output filter have the ability of attenuating high-frequency (HF) switching ripples. However, by using only grid-current control, the system is prone toExpand
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Comparative performance evaluation of phase-locked loop (PLL) algorithms for single-phase grid-connected converters
The phase-locked loop (PLL) algorithms are of crucial significance for the stable operation and effective grid-integration of power converters and renewable energy systems. In this paper, aExpand
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Resonance damping and parameter design method for LCL-LC filter interfaced grid-connected photovoltaic inverters
In order to attenuate PWM harmonics effectively and reduce filter cost and volume, LCL-LC filter is proposed using a combination of LCL filter and an LC series resonant part. Compared with LCLExpand
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Modeling, control and electromagnetic transient simulation of the doubly fed induction generator-based wind energy generation system
This paper presents the dynamic modeling and the stator-voltage-aligned control (SVAC) strategies of the doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind energy generation system (WEGS). TheExpand
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Convergence of P-regular splitting iterative methods for non-Hermitian positive semidefinite linear systems
In this paper, we study the convergence of P-regular splitting iterative methods for singular and non-singular non-Hermitian positive semidefinite linear systems, which generalize the known results.Expand
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Research on NO_2 Concentrations Control and Ventilation Plan for Urban Highway Tunnel
In the environment of containing nitrogen dioxide(NO2),too high nitrogen dioxide concentrations will be great harmful to human body,but in the design specifications for highway tunnels,nitrogenExpand