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Validation of land cover products is a fundamental task prior to data applications. Current validation schemes and methods are, however, suited only for assessing classification accuracy and disregard the reliability of land cover products. The reliability evaluation of land cover products should be undertaken to provide reliable land cover information. In(More)
Recent years have witnessed the emergence of image decomposition techniques which effectively separate an image into a piecewise smooth base layer and several residual detail layers. However, the intricacy of detail patterns in some cases may result in side-effects including remnant textures, wrongly-smoothed edges, and distorted appearance. We introduce a(More)
This study presents a novel approach for unsupervised change detection in multitemporal remotely sensed images. This method addresses the problem of the analysis of the difference image by proposing a novel and robust semi-supervised fuzzy C-means (RSFCM) clustering algorithm. The advantage of the RSFCM is to further introduce the pseudolabels from the(More)
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