Pan-Pan Liang

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BACKGROUND Trichophyton rubrum is superficial fungi characteristically confined to dead keratinized tissues. These observations suggest that the soluble components released by the fungus could influence the host immune response in a cell in contact-free manner. Therefore, this research aimed to analyze whether the culture supernatant derived from T. rubrum(More)
BACKGROUND Trichophyton rubrum represents the most common infectious fungus responsible for dermatophytosis in human, but the mechanism involved is still not completely understood. An appropriate model constructed to simulate host infection is the prerequisite to study the pathogenesis of dermatophytosis caused by T. rubrum. In this study, we intended to(More)
Aphasia is a devastating neurological condition affecting a person’s ability to communicate and reintegrate into the society. It may occur in 20% or more of patients after stroke. The recovery of language function is accompanied by brain reorganization, and identifying the inter-hemispheric interaction post-stroke will conduce to more targeted treatments.(More)
Neuroimaging studies have shown that local brain lesions could result in abnormal information transfer far from the lesion site in acute ischemic stroke (AIS) patients; yet, little is known about alternations of the topological organization of whole-brain networks in AIS. By using resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and graph theory(More)
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