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Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-encoded molecules have been detected in the tumor tissues of several cancers, including nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), suggesting that EBV plays an important role in tumorigenesis. However, the nature of EBV with respect to genome width in vivo and whether EBV undergoes clonal expansion in the tumor tissues are still poorly(More)
Air was used as the contrast medium for colonic studies in 282 patients with suspected intussusception. Intussusception was documented in 118 of these patients (42%), and reduction was achieved in 89 (75%) of those 118. Twenty-nine patients, in whom the intussusception could not be reduced with air, underwent surgery. Seven of these patients required(More)
OFDM suffers from severe performance degradation in the presence of phase noise. In particular, phase noise leads to common phase error (CPE) as well as intercarrier interference (ICI) in the frequency domain. Some approaches in the literature mitigate phase noise by directly evaluating and then compensating for CPE or ICI, while others choose to correct(More)
The potential role of reactive oxygen species generated by Kupffer cells and neutrophils was investigated in a model of endotoxin-enhanced liver injury after hepatic ischemia. Male Fischer rats were subjected to 20 min ischemia and reperfusion of up to 24 h; .5 mg/kg Salmonella enteritidis endotoxin was injected at 30 min of reperfusion. The animals(More)
The potential beneficial effect of hepatocellular glutathione against inflammatory liver damage was investigated in a model of endotoxin-enhanced ischemia-reperfusion injury. Animals were subjected to 20 min of hepatic ischemia, followed by 4 hr of reperfusion. The injection of 0.5 mg/kg Salmonella enteritidis endotoxin potentiated liver injury and the(More)
The study presented in this paper investigated the possibility of using support vector machine (SVM) models for crash injury severity analysis. Based on crash data collected at 326 freeway diverge areas, a SVM model was developed for predicting the injury severity associated with individual crashes. An ordered probit (OP) model was also developed using the(More)
The formation of extracellular traps (ETs) has recently been recognized as a novel defense mechanism in several types of innate immune cells. It has been suggested that these structures are toxic to microbes and contribute significantly to killing several pathogens. However, the role of ETs formed by macrophages (METs) in defense against microbes remains(More)
The primary objective of this study is to divide freeway traffic flow into different states, and to evaluate the safety performance associated with each state. Using traffic flow data and crash data collected from a northbound segment of the I-880 freeway in the state of California, United States, K-means clustering analysis was conducted to classify(More)
The renal resistive index (RI) value of 0.73 has been proposed as the upper limit in normal adult dogs. In humans, changes in RI with age are associated with plasma renin activity. There are relatively few equivalent reference data for dogs. We obtained reference RI data from 22 clinically healthy dogs <4 months of age and 33 healthy dogs between 4 months(More)
This paper aimed at evaluating the application of the genetic programming (GP) model for real-time crash prediction on freeways. Traffic, weather, and crash data used in this paper were obtained from the I-880N freeway in California, United States. The random forest (RF) technique was conducted to select the variables that affect crash risk under(More)