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Superparamagnetic PLGA-iron oxide microcapsules for dual-modality US/MR imaging and high intensity focused US breast cancer ablation.
Organic/inorganic, hybrid, multifunctional, material-based platforms combine the merits of diverse functionalities of inorganic nanoparticles and the excellent biocompatibility of organic systems. InExpand
2D Ultrathin MXene‐Based Drug‐Delivery Nanoplatform for Synergistic Photothermal Ablation and Chemotherapy of Cancer
Two-dimensional (2D) MXenes, as a new 2D functional material nanosystem, have been extensively explored for broad applications. However, their specific performance and applications in theranosticExpand
Nanobubble-Affibody: Novel ultrasound contrast agents for targeted molecular ultrasound imaging of tumor.
Nanobubbles (NBs), as novel ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs), have attracted increasing attention in the field of molecular ultrasound imaging for tumors. However, the preparation of uniform-sizedExpand
Ultrasound triggered drug release from 10-hydroxycamptothecin-loaded phospholipid microbubbles for targeted tumor therapy in mice.
Ultrasound targeted microbubble destruction (UTMD) was one of the most promising strategies to enhance drug delivery in cancer therapy. Microbubbles (MBs) serve as a vehicle to carry anti-tumor drugsExpand
Drug Release from Phase-Changeable Nanodroplets Triggered by Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Background: As one of the most effective triggers with high tissue-penetrating capability and non-invasive feature, ultrasound shows great potential for controlling the drug release and enhancing theExpand
Doxorubicin loaded superparamagnetic PLGA-iron oxide multifunctional microbubbles for dual-mode US/MR imaging and therapy of metastasis in lymph nodes.
Current strategies for tumor-induced sentinel lymph node detection and metastasis therapy have limitations. In this work, we co-encapsulated iron oxide nanoparticles and chemotherapeutic drug intoExpand
Ultrasound‐Triggered Destruction of Folate‐Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle‐Loaded Microbubble for Targeted Tumor Therapy
A multifunctional drug delivery vehicle, which combines the active targeted mesoporous silica nanoparticle (MSN) and microbubble (MB) drug delivery system, is proposed and fabricated. The resultingExpand
Perfluorooctyl bromide & indocyanine green co-loaded nanoliposomes for enhanced multimodal imaging-guided phototherapy.
As a highly biocompatible NIR dye, indocyanine green (ICG) has been widely explored for cancer treatment due to its various energy level transition pathways upon NIR light excitation simultaneously,Expand
Targeted Antiangiogenesis Gene Therapy Using Targeted Cationic Microbubbles Conjugated with CD105 Antibody Compared with Untargeted Cationic and Neutral Microbubbles
Objective This study aimed to develop targeted cationic microbubbles conjugated with a CD105 antibody (CMB105) for use in targeted vascular endothelial cell gene therapy and ultrasound imaging. WeExpand
Nanoparticle-enhanced synergistic HIFU ablation and transarterial chemoembolization for efficient cancer therapy.
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is being generally explored as a non-invasive therapeutic modality to treat solid tumors. However, the clinical use of HIFU for large and deep tumor-ablationExpand