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  • PAN Hong, XIA Si-Yu, JIN Li-Zuo, XIA Liang-Zheng
Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is a kind of discriminative texture descriptor for characterization of face patterns. However, the value of LBP operator is greatly changed under non-monotonic intensity transformations. As a result, the recognition performance of LBP descriptor for face images with significant illumination variations is severely dropped. In this(More)
The theory of social network and the harvest of trust models are researched. The trust model of e-commerce based on social network is built, and the recommendation path building algorithm is given. After considering the weight of the relationship between Internet members, trust degree of recommendation nodes, trust value attenuation with time and trade risk(More)
In the past decade, a sizeable body of literature has built up on the concept and characteristics of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Western countries, where it has also been referred to as sustainability. More recently, attention has grown for CSR in emerging countries. Remarkably, China has hardly been studied so far. This paper aims to help fill(More)
The key features of the regenerative combustion technology were introduced and its application in the reheating furnace of Rail & Beam plant of PISCO£¨Panzhihua Iron & Steel Co.£©was discussed£®Comparedwith the traditional combustion technology£¬the reheating furnace equipment with this technology has(More)
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