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Nowadays, most 3D mesh model protections are based on embedding watermarking system. These methods have to change the original mesh data to achieve the watermarking. Considering the sensitivity and complexity of 3D mesh data, this paper proposes a disturbing free 'zero-watermarking' algorithm, which is based on octree partition. For each octant, we employ(More)
In this paper, the state feedback control based on the incremental function observer combined with the conventional PID control scheme for big capacity power unit is presented. It is designed in the distributed control system (DCS) EDPF-NT which is a new type of DCS developed by Electric Power Research Institute of China. It is useful for the coordinated(More)
In this paper, we present an improved synthesis algorithm for both 2D and solid textures. Based on the wavelet-based multi-resolution pyramids and the improved optimization of texture synthesis, a coarse texture was synthesized as a skeleton. By adding detail information to the coarse texture, the higher resolution results can be generated. This skeletal(More)
A wide variety of physical and chemical detecting methods have been proposed for discriminating between an electric arc beads that caused a fire, versus one that was caused by the fire itself. The simplest proposed method claims that examination of the molten marks in a bead under a microscope will suffice to make the distinction. This paper describes the(More)
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