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The HIV-1 Tat protein is required for viral replication and is a potent stimulator of viral transcription. Although Tat has been extensively studied in various reductive paradigms, to date there is little information as to how this activator mediates transcription from natural nucleosomally packaged long terminal repeats. Here we show that CREB-binding(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to assess the effect of chlormethiazole treatment on liver damage in the experimental rat intragastric ethanol-feeding model of alcoholic liver disease. Chlormethiazole has been used in the treatment of alcoholic withdrawal and has been shown to inhibit cytochrome P4502E1. Since treatment of experimental alcoholic liver(More)
Several findings suggest that signals from tyrosine kinases are transduced, at least in part, through ras proteins. These findings include (i) blockage of the transforming activity of constitutively active tyrosine kinases by inhibiting ras function and (ii) genetic screens in Caenorhabditis elegans and in Drosophila that identified ras genes as downstream(More)
AIM The optimal maintenance therapy for active diffuse lupus nephritis remains to be established. In this study, we explored the efficacy and safety of tacrolimus for maintaining remission of active lupus nephritis compared to that of azathioprine. METHODS Seventy patients with biopsy-proven lupus nephritis who achieved remission were enrolled in nine(More)
Human LGR8, initially discovered as a low-affinity relaxin receptor, has now been characterized as the INSL3 receptor. To investigate LGR8 function in the rat, an LGR8 ortholog was identified in the rat genome, and the full-length sequence was cloned and expressed. Rat LGR8 bound INSL3 with high affinity, clearly demonstrating that it is the rat INSL3(More)
The intragastric tube feeding model of alcoholic liver disease in the rat induces significant liver histopathology, including steatohepatitis and fibrosis. The question is, if the same low-carbohydrate diet is fed ad lib, will the same pathology develop? Rats were fed a liquid diet with ethanol ad lib that was low in calories derived from carbohydrates for(More)
Monitoring of metal cutting tool wear states is a key technology for automatic, unmanned and adaptive machining. As tool wear increases, the vibration signals of cutting tool become more and more irregular in the turning processes. The degree of tool wear can be indirectly monitored according to these changes of vibration signals. In order to quantitatively(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the cellular immune response during relapse and remission stage in primary nephrotic syndrome (PNS). METHODS We applied the radioligand binding assay (RBA), the bioactivity measurement of IL-2, and monoclonal antibody sensitized red blood cell method to evaluate the expression of IL-2R, the production of IL-2 and T lymphocyte(More)
Biotin-avidin immobilization has been routinely used as a tool to study peptide-receptor and peptide-antibody interactions. Biotinylated peptides can also be employed to localize cells that express the peptides' receptor, and to analyse ligand-receptor binding. Insulin-like peptide 3 (INSL3) is a peptide hormone which contains A- and B-chains connected by(More)