Pan Fu

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BACKGROUND Numerous studies have demonstrated that autophagy plays a vital role in maintaining cellular homeostasis. Interestingly, several anticancer agents were found to exert their anticancer effects by triggering autophagy. Emerging data suggest that autophagy represents a novel mechanism that can be exploited for therapeutic benefit. Pharmacologically(More)
BACKGROUND The zebrafish is recognized as a versatile cancer and drug screening model. However, it is not known whether the estrogen-responsive genes and signaling pathways that are involved in estrogen-dependent carcinogenesis and human cancer are operating in zebrafish. In order to determine the potential of zebrafish model for estrogen-related cancer(More)
Cutting tool monitoring is a key technology for automatic, unmanned and adaptive machining. It's vital to choose right feature extracting and recognition methods. By using cutting vibration monitoring and diagnostics technique to monitor tool wear states, this paper puts forward techniques of applying frequency-band energy decomposition using wavelet(More)
This paper treats an important problem in how to increase the accuracy of the tool wear condition evaluation. The problem of tool wear condition monitoring is always hard to be solved perfectly, especially the online monitoring. In order to arrive at the destination, the authors make use of artificial neural networks (BP) and support vector machines(More)
Metal cutting operations constitute a large percentage of the manufacturing activity. One of the most important objectives of metal cutting research is to develop techniques that enable optimal utilization of machine tools, improved production efficiency, high machining accuracy and reduced machine downtime and tooling costs. Machining process condition(More)
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a highly malignant hematopoietic tumor. This study aimed to explore the effect of portulacerebroside A (PCA) on the adhesion, migration, and invasion in human leukemia HL60 cells and U937 cells and clarify the possible mechanisms involved, which could provide potential strategies for the treatment of AML. By methyl thiazolyl(More)
With regard to the nonlinearity, installation errors and other uncertainties existing in biaxial inclination sensors of borehole inclinometer, this article contrastively applies traditional curve fitting method and artificial neural network theory in the error correction work of inclinometer. Besides, this article also establishes the coordinate(More)