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This paper describes a tubular linear motor with special permanent magnet. Then, two kinds of permanent magnet magnetization directions for this motor are proposed, and the air-gap magnetic field is calculated and researched based on a finite-element method. Moreover, the magnetic field of the slotless tubular linear motor is contrasted with that of the(More)
In the nanopositioning system, a damping force is generated by eddy current in the cooling plate and it is a disturbing force for this system. In this paper, a new method is introduced to suppress eddy current by offsetting back EMF. In order to offset back EMF, several slits have been incorporated in the cooling plate, which can help with regulating the(More)
Eddy currents induced in a conductor in a changing magnetic field produce a damping force proportional to the heat generated in the conductive material. In the DC linear motor system, the conductive plate is added under coils for damping force to improve motor's dynamic response. In the preliminary work, the formula of magnetic field distribution is(More)
The analysis of a Short-Stroke DC Linear Motor (DCLM) with Halbach array structure is described. The motor is applied for nanopositioning system. The method of images is adopted to predict the distributions of global and local magnetic field for obtaining precise calculations. The derivation of flux density formulae are shown in this paper. The method of(More)
As is known, improving launcher thrust is the target that the mankind is pursuing. There is no saturation phenomenon in the Ironless permanent magnet linear motor(IPMLM), so the thrust of IPMLM has a linear relationship with current through windings to provide larger thrust. The topology of IPMLM determines thrust fluctuation is smaller than Iron-PMLM. In(More)
To enable the realization of weak magnetic field at the level of several nanotesla, a magnetically shielded room (MSR) is required to create a space with residual magnetic field below 1 nT. Since the magnetic field shielded by inner shielding shells is very low, the permeability of shielding materials in this range is measured. As the gaps between(More)
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