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Electrocardiogram (ECG) is an essential method for the clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. The weak biomedical signal buried in all kinds of noise will result in the useful information lost or false information on the wavelet decomposition. According to the characteristics of ECG signal and wavelet transform, a discrete wavelet soft threshold(More)
Predictable winemaking depends upon the control of all the factors that affect fermentation, including the grape varieties, yeast selection, enzyme addition, the size and type of the vats, the temperature control regime, nutrient selection, and pumping regimes. The relationship between yeast behaviour and temperature control is well understood, forming the(More)
The general goal of multivariate regression analysis is to infer about the relationship between a response variable <i>Y</i> and a predictor vector <i>X</i>. Many popularly used regression methods only focus on specific aspects of this relationship. Even though the conditional distribution <i>P(Y|X)</i> of <i>Y</i> given <i>X</i> fully characterizes the(More)
Reliable detection of QRS is not only the important basis for diagnosis of arrhythmia, but also the further analysis of other detail ECG information can be defined through the detected QRS wave. According to the relationship of singular point, Lipschitz exponent and wavelet transform maximum modulus, a method called zero-crossings is introduced to detect(More)
This paper extended a new method named finite element method-actual charge method to solve open boundary electrostatic fields. It is based on the evaluation of the potential on fictitious truncation boundary, according to the actual charge lying on the surfaces or volumes of the media. The fictitious truncation boundary should locate in air and enclose each(More)
Using kernel methods for exploratory data analysis and statistical modeling for non-parametric regression and classification and statistical modeling Developing visualization tools to facilitate structure exploration Developed OKGT-reg Python package Created a pipeline of working with MySQL database in R Applied mixture of multinomials model in visitor(More)
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