Pan Chan

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Despite the success of genomics in identifying new essential bacterial genes, there is a lack of sustainable leads in antibacterial drug discovery to address increasing multidrug resistance. Type IIA topoisomerases cleave and religate DNA to regulate DNA topology and are a major class of antibacterial and anticancer drug targets, yet there is no well(More)
New antibacterials are needed to tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Type IIA topoisomerases (topo2As), the targets of fluoroquinolones, regulate DNA topology by creating transient double-strand DNA breaks. Here we report the first co-crystal structures of the antibacterial QPT-1 and the anticancer drug etoposide with Staphylococcus aureus DNA gyrase,(More)
Wearable computing devices have become increasingly popular and while these devices promise to improve our lives, they come with new challenges. This paper focuses on user authentication mechanisms for the Google Glass device (Glass). Glass only has three sources of input: a camera, a microphone , and a touchpad. This limited set of interfaces makes the use(More)
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