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Few reports exist on effective methods of evaluating the effects and selecting indications for the treatment of improving facial morphology by masseteric injection of botulinum toxin type A. The method for selecting indicative factors, as determined by the change of masseteric area volume at a standard frontal view when tightly clenching teeth, was used in(More)
The fuzzy Petri net (FPN) is a new kind of Petri nets that is well developed in recent years. It is difficult to model and simulate the fault diagnosis of batch process because of the alternation between the discrete states and the continuous process. This paper concerned with a new method of complex batch process fault diagnoses based on fuzzy Petri nets.(More)
This paper developed a simulation system for the training minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The simulation system has the capacity of providing the user with the security and real learning environment. The simulation system adopted Omega7 force sensing device as the input equipment offering position and posture information to the virtual robot. On the basis(More)
Being the most important component of minimally invasive surgical robot system, remote centre mechanisms (RCM) composed of three joints, achieve the position and orientation adjustment of the surgical instrument inside a patient's body. In order to implement the high-precision position control and eliminate the adverse effect result from the friction of(More)
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