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As electronic commerce grows, an important socioeconomic side effect will be increased competition with the traditional businesses in any given local community. Our research suggests that local merchants typically go online in order to better access distant markets, but are often unprepared to cater to remote customers and hence do not fare well. In this(More)
Asthma is a chronic disease and a growing health problem worldwide. The objective of this pilot study was to test the feasibility and utilization of tracking asthma symptoms through an innovative mobile phone application. The subjects for this research project consisted of 4 individuals who are currently receiving treatment for asthma from a primary care(More)
To assess if preschool children can successfully identify externalizing symptomatic behaviors in their male classmates, and if these perceptions are associated with peer-rated popularity and rejection, 154 preschool boys and girls were interviewed using a peer nomination procedure. Behavioral data on the same preschool boys (N = 86) were also provided by(More)
We used qualitative interviews to examine the perceptions of direct providers of telemedicine services, primary care providers (PCPs) and hospital administrators about opportunities and barriers to the implementation of telemedicine services in a network of Veterans Health Administration hospitals. A total of 37 interviews were conducted (response rate of(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically review cost benefit studies of telemedicine. DESIGN Systematic review of English language, peer reviewed journal articles. DATA SOURCES Searches of Medline, Embase, ISI citation indexes, and database of Telemedicine Information Exchange. STUDIES SELECTED: 55 of 612 identified articles that presented actual cost benefit data.(More)
We attempted a meta-analysis of telemedicine research studies of the costs associated with telemedicine. First, we performed a search of six well known databases with a variety of relevant keywords. After discarding non-English publications, books and duplicate publications resulting from the same study, we were left with 551 articles for analysis. Our(More)
We studied patients' perceptions of telemedicine (interactive video) as a means of delivering specialist oncology/haematology care. Semistructured telephone interviews were performed with 22 patients attending a tele-oncology/haematology clinic in Kansas. Interviews were audio-taped and thematic content analysis of the transcripts was done. The response(More)
Telemedicine research addressing user satisfaction abounds in academic literature. Results from patient satisfaction studies indicate exceptionally high levels of perceived satisfaction, often above the rates of expected satisfaction for traditional forms of health delivery. Results from provider satisfaction studies are also generally quite positive;(More)