Pamela Thuman

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Vaccinia virus (VV) has been tested as oncolytic virus against malignant melanoma in clinical trials for more than 40 years. Until now, mainly strains comparable to viral strains used for smallpox vaccination have been probed for anti-tumoral therapy. We have shown recently that the wild-type strain Western Reserve (WR) can interfere with crucial functions(More)
The minimal function, R(psi), has been used to provide the basis for a new computer-intensive direct-methods procedure that shows potential for providing fully automatic routine solutions for structures in the 200-400 atom range. This procedure, which has been called shake-and-bake, is an iterative process in which real-space filtering is alternated with(More)
Eliminating the N atomic position vectors rj, j = 1, 2, ..., N, from the system of equations defining the normalized structure factors EH yields a system of identities that the EH's must satisfy, provided that the set of EH's is sufficiently large. Clearly, for fixed N and specified space group, this system of identities depends only on the set [H],(More)
This investigation provided data on the performance of 94 men and women (24 aged 18-24 yrs, 24 aged 60-66 yrs, 24 aged 67-73 yrs and 22 aged 74-80 yrs) presented a tape recording of Willeford's Central Auditory Processing Test Battery (Audiol. Hear. Educ., 1976, 2, 12-20) kindly provided by Willeford. Significant effects for age and sex and/or ear were(More)
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