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Over the last twenty years, the amount of information related to epitopes recognized in the course of T and B cell-mediated immune responses has dramatically increased. As of June 2004, a PubMed search using the word " epitope " , reveals a total of 5,173 records prior (with a large fraction of the 2004 records still to come). Epitope-based techniques are(More)
Epitopes are defined as parts of antigens interacting with receptors of the immune system. Knowledge about their intrinsic structure and how they affect the immune response is required to continue development of techniques that detect, monitor, and fight diseases. Their scientific importance is reflected in the vast amount of epitope-related information(More)
OKIES is an expert system that troubleshoots newly assembled AT&T 3B2 computer systems. All AT&T 3B2 models and configurations are analyzed by OKIES. The expert system uses an architecture-based design to apply the same knowledge to different machines. An architectural model of the machine is constructed when the session begins. This model is used(More)
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