Pamela Samuelson

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My September 1993 “Legally Speakin?” column discussed the application ofcopyright law’s fair use doctrine to computer prog-rams.Thiscolumnwilldiscussits appltcation to other works in digital form, such as electronic messa~~esornewslettenand d&&al imagesorsounds. Thedigitization of works not only renders them easy to copy and distribute, but also easy to(More)
New laws are proposed or adopted frequently to strengthenintellectual property rights. Contract and technical protectionsare strengthening intellectual property protection as well. Thispast year saw adoption of new trademark domain name cybersquatterlegislation, significant developments in the legal protection forthe contents of databases, approval of a new(More)
B y the time you read this column, an international committee of intellectual property experts, working under the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), will have recommended worldwide adoption of a new form of legal protection for the contents of databases. A draft international treaty on this subject is scheduled for(More)