Pamela Sammons

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This paper presents a model for the explanation of examination (GCSE) performance at the age of 16 years in terms of both secondary and junior school attended together with prior achievement measures and certain background factors. Using a cohort of 758 students in 48 junior schools and 116 secondary schools it compares the variation in performance due to(More)
Children in seven counties in eastern England and in six counties in a control region were interviewed just prior to the start of the introduction of a major traffic club scheme. Similar interviews were carried out in the experimental and control regions one year later. The traffic club increased the extent to which parents attempted to teach road safety to(More)
FOREWORD Are students well prepared to meet the challenges of the future? Are they able to analyse, reason and communicate their ideas effectively? Do they have the capacity to continue learning throughout life? Parents, students, the public and those who run education systems need to know the answers to these questions. Many education systems monitor(More)
This investigation deals with the proliferation and migration of the progenitor cells during the healing of closed periodontal wounds. Periodontal surgical defects affecting the bone and dentin were created in four mongrel dogs. The defects were treated with topical applications of citric acid, tetracycline, or sterile water with and without the placement(More)
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