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Trust in top management and immediate supervisor: The relationship to satisfaction, perceived organizational effectiveness, and information receiving
Utilizing 2068 individuals in 60 organizations in the U.S. and Italy, this study (a) examines the overall relationship between trust in top management and immediate supervisor and overall estimatesExpand
Fundamentals of Organizational Communication
Women Leaders within Higher Education in the United States: Supports, Barriers, and Experiences of Being a Senior Leader
Fundamental change is underway in higher education requiring more leaders and a different type of leadership at all levels. However, statistics indicate the women are under represented at theExpand
Engaged Scholarship and the Creation of Useful Organizational Knowledge
Engaged scholarship represents one way for making our research relevant to organizational practitioners by bridging the gap between theory and practice. Engaged scholarship is viewed as a form ofExpand
Protean places: teams across time and space
Proteanism is about the simultaneous disruption of place and the seeking of a new sense of place. These metaphorical concepts of the fluid yet grounded, the shape shifting and consolidation, and theExpand
Adhering to Organizational Culture
As a result of pervasive interest in communication and culture, increasing efforts are being focused on understanding communication/culture relationships and relating them to important organizationalExpand
Communication Theory and Training Approaches for Multiculturally Diverse Organizations: Have Academics and Practitioners Missed the Connection?
While a number of articles have looked at the importance of multicultural training in the workplace over the past 30 years, there is little concrete agreement that documents the common fundamentalExpand