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Our experience with dermis-fat free flaps and conventional reconstructive procedures for 35 patients with Romberg's disease over a 7-year period is presented. The groin flap was used for increasing volume in 33 cases, the scapular flap in 3 cases, and 2 were treated with the latissimus dorsi free flap. To achieve better contour, secondary procedures such as(More)
Mandibular reconstruction is a condition in which both bone defect and function must be restored. A wide range of approaches--from grafts to distant bone flaps--have been used for correcting bony defects. However, adequate mastication has been restored in only a few cases. In this article the results of three different techniques for mandibular(More)
BACKGROUND Rates of morbidity and mortality in Infective Endocarditis (IE) remain high and prognosis in this disease is still difficult and uncertain. AIM To study IE in Chile in its active phase during inpatient hospital stay and long term survival rates. MATERIAL AND METHODS Observational prospective national cohort study of 506 consecutive patients(More)
BACKGROUND Infective endocarditis is a severe condition, with a mortality that fluctuates between 16 and 25% in the Metropolitan area of Chile. AIM To perform a prospective assessment of clinical and microbiological features of patients with infective endocarditis in Chile. MATERIAL AND METHODS Collaborative study of regional hospitals in the whole(More)
Crossed facial nerve grafts for treating unilateral permanent facial palsy in association with hemifacial microsomia were studied in 18 patients, ages ranging from 2 months to 10 years. Patients were divided into groups according to the age at the time of indication of surgery. It is concluded that crossed nerve grafting for facial palsy associated with(More)
Results Ischemic or dilated cardiomyopathy were the main indications (23(43%) each), age 48+13 years and 48(91%) were male. Transplant listing Status: IA 14(26%)(VAD or 2 inotropes), IB 14(26%)(1 inotrope) and II 25 (47%) (no inotrope). Mean waiting time 70+83 days. Twelve (24%) were transplanted during VAD support (median support: 36 days). Operative(More)
Background Durable mechanical support devices are prohibitively expensive in our health system and may be unsuitable for critically ill patients. CentriMag is an alternative bridge to transplantation or recovery. Methods We retrospectively reviewed 28 patients (23 males) aged 13-60 years who received CentriMag support. The etiology was ischemic in 13 (46%),(More)
BACKGROUND Guidelines for the management of unstable angina (UA) and non ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) have been issued, however, current practices are unknown in Chile. AIM To evaluate in a prospective cohort of NSTEMI patients the current practices, treatments and risk factors. MATERIAL AND METHODS One year prospective International non(More)
Crossed facial nerve grafts for treating congenital or acquired permanent facial palsy were studied in 23 patients, ages ranging from 2 months to 38 years. Patients were divided into groups according to time after onset of paralysis. It is concluded that although crossed facial nerve grafts offered the possibility of reinnervation after facial palsy, the(More)